Car insurance in Spain is designed to provide you with quick and easy car insurance quotes for British and Spanish registered cars in Spain. Whether you are looking for car insurance that covers you as a resident of Spain, that lives works or even if you are just retired, has the solution to all your vehicle insurance needs.


British and UK registered car insurance is easy insurance to obtain as UK plated cars have been in Spain for many years. Holiday makers and residents often drive their beloved motor cars over to Spain and in due course, will import it. They are easy to insure and the insurance premiums can be cheaper than insurance cover offered in the United Kingdom.

Breakdown and recovery car insurance is mandatory and all insurance policies in Spain must have this cover as you are not allowed to tow a broken down or accident damaged car in Spain on ANY roads. The extended travel assistance cover, or breakdown recovery insurance in Spain, also covers you for Europe and the UK. With companies like Liberty Seguros who have a special Liberty Expatriates policy, you can rest assured that you will have the cover you need in any emergency.

All Spanish car insurance policies are now available in English and are easy to understand. Our team of car insurance advisors will offer you a variety of insurance cover to suit your needs.

Insurance no claims bonuses from any UK insurance companies are accepted and can be carried over to your Spanish car insurance that will provide you with additional discounts on your car insurance premium.

Car insurance for young drivers is particularly attractive, with many Spanish insurance companies offering car insurance cover for any driver over 25 years of age for a small additional insurance premium.

Auto Insurance or Seguros de Coche as it is known in Spanish, is a 12 month policy and will provide you, your car and passengers with car insurance cover throughout Europe. With World renown insurance companies operating in Spain and serviced by well trained staff, we will provide you with quality, tried and tested, car insurance products.


Be careful when getting a cheap car insurance quote in Spain as Insurance Agents and Brokers in Spain will offer you the minimum cover to keep the premiums down to get your business. Check what they are excluding. These premiums often only cover the driver of the vehicle, not the passengers, and in the event of a serious accident where passengers are injured, you will be liable.

Can you imagine the consequences if you were involved in a serious accident and your passengers or family were not covered. Breakdown and recovery insurance might not be included and then when you contract the insurance due to the premium being lower than anyone else, they will then tell you that you have to pay another premium on top of your car insurance premium to cover the breakdown and recovery insurance which is compulsory in Spain

Get a car insurance quote and see how our car insurance compares to other insurance companies. Car insurance in Spain offer a selection of cover including third party only insurance, providing you with the basic minimal legal insurance cover in Spain and is very economical. This will only cover you for damage you might cause to others or other vehicles or property.

Third party, fire and theft insurance, which will cover you for the above and also covers you if it catches fire or is stolen.

Third party, fire, theft and windscreen insurance, adds insurance to replace your windscreen or windows in the event of damage or breakage.

Fully comprehensive car insurance in Spain will cover all of the above and also covers your own vehicle against total loss and insurance collision damage and repairs. All of these insurance policies are in English and all cover the mandatory breakdown recovery insurance as standard.

With Fully Comprehensive car insurance in Spain, you can also add the use of a rental or courtesy car to use in the event that your car will take some time to repair in the event of an accident.

Cash Back on Insurance premiums in Spain are a regular insurance incentive and these are promoted as and when they are offered by the insurance companies in Spain, usually for new business only and these can save you up to 60€ on your initial insurance premium.

Classic and Vintage car insurance in Spain is available for vehicles aver 21 years old on UK and Spanish registration plates and the classic car insurance premiums are governed by the mileage done each year and if you are a member of a registered Classic Car Club in Spain


Comparing car insurance in Spain is not easy. There are no insurance comparison web sites in Spain that search most of the Spanish insurance companies to compare car insurances as most insurance companies don’t want to get involved in an insurance premium war.

Few, if any, (we know of one) Insurance Brokers in Spain have the facilities to compare insurance quotes and have to manually enter the details to each insurance company in Spain, separately to obtain a quote, as they do not all ask for the same information. They're knowledge of the insurance companies in Spain and their prices will enable them to know which one will provide the best premium or cover for the car insurance you seek.

Insurance Agents in Spain can not compare insurance as they are legally tied Insurance agencies that can legally only use one insurance company in Spain as their insurance provider.